ZBC digitization studio equipment is coming


Studio equipment for the digitization process has arrived at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) headquarters, Pockets Hill in Harare for installation.

The arrival of the equipment comes immediately after the installation of the head end, which is a master installation for the reception of television signals for processing and distribution.

The headend, among other functions, allows viewers to pay their license fees through mobile phones, among other platforms.

ZBC interim CEO Patrick Mavhura said the equipment is for two TV studios and other equipment for other studios including radio will be delivered in due course.

He said that the completion of digitization will improve the quality of programming.

In the meantime, the installation of the head end, which has the capacity to transmit more than 12 HD channels, has been completed.

ZBC Digitization Project Manager Mr. Obert Muganyura said that much progress has been made to ensure the process is completed on time.

He added that the new project has an emergency power supply with uninterruptible power supplies.

The new digitization equipment has an automatic programming system, a broadcast center and a web TV which allows viewers to watch television on their mobile phones.


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