YouTube updates Creator Studio app with more information and user control options

Youtube just implemented some important updates to its creator-centric mobile app. Google’s online video site has added several new features to its Creator Studio app (which, for the uninitiated, is distinct from the general YouTube app) aimed at giving users more control and understanding of their video content.

Biggest YouTube Creator Studio App Update Will Increase Users’ Abilities To Understand And Manage analytic. In addition to a redesign of the interface, YouTube added new metrics user requested, such as the ability to see exactly where video views are coming from around the world and top search terms used by viewers. to find their content. Overall, Creator Studio users can now see more 50 different types of data through the application interface.

YouTube has also improved the monetization checks and management of playlists Creator Studio application features. Now, users can choose to monetize their videos and choose from different ad formats within the app. Plus, YouTube made it easy to edit playlists and add and remove videos right in the Creator Studio app.

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YouTube Creator Studio app was originally announced by YouTube CEO Susan wojcicki and launched in June 2014 during the industry section at VidCon. The app then underwent a hardware overhaul and launched its new iteration a year later at VidCon 2015. Now, the powers behind the Creator app will continue to focus on rolling out new features.

You can download the YouTube Creator Studio app from google play, or if you are an iOS user, you can download the app from the ITunes App Store.

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