Use the new Facebook Creator Studio app

Think of this free app as a behind-the-scenes look at your Facebook Page – or your Pages, if you manage more than one. This new application lets you accomplish the same tasks as the browser version of Creator Studio: check page performance, view published, scheduled, and written articles, review page information, read and reply to your posts and comments, all from a simple to use on your phone! Please note that you cannot compose messages in this app.

Before you start:

  1. Make sure you have both an Instagram account and a Facebook page that you are an administrator of on Facebook.
  2. Convert your Instagram account to a business profile or a creator account, it can be done in the settings menu of the Instagram app.
  3. Connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page. The Facebook page that you link your Instagram account to may be published and public, or unpublished and invisible to the public.

Step one: download the Creator Studio app

The Creator Studio app is supported by iOS and Android devices. On your mobile device, go to the App Store or the Play Store.

Search for “creator studio” and find the Creator Studio app with the correct logo and download it for free.

Log in to the Creator Studio app using your Facebook login credentials.

If you manage multiple pages, choose the one you want to view.

Once you’ve chosen a page, you can always go back and choose a different one by clicking on the page’s profile picture in the upper left corner.

Step two: how to navigate the app

Now that you have selected the page you want to work with, you can switch between “Home”, “Posts”, “Insights”, “Inbox” and “Notifications” by selecting the different icons at the bottom of the page – in this order.

If you are confused about what information is presented in these options, click on the little circle “i” in the upper right corner and it will give you a breakdown of what you are looking at. This is particularly useful when looking at the “Insights” tab.

Step three: How to use the app

Below is a brief overview of what each of the lower tabs do (“Home”, “Posts”, “News”, “Inbox” and “Notifications” and how to use them when managing your page:

The “Home” tab gives you an abbreviated snapshot of the “Insight” and “Posts” tabs with an option to navigate to those tabs and examine the data in more depth.

The “Messages” tab displays your published, scheduled and edited posts. Toggle between these options or use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for a specific message. You can even filter all your messages using the filter icon next to the magnifying glass icon. For each post you post, you can click it to see engagement, comments, shares, reactions, reach, and an explanation of “What do these metrics mean?” »In blue at the bottom.

Note: You cannot publish from the Creator Studio app, only see what has already been published, scheduled, or written.

The “Insights” tab gives you an overview of your page’s performance over the past 28 days; how many views, comments, shares and net subscribers your page gained or lost. Each of these metrics can be viewed as a graph comparing the last 28 days to the previous 28 days (displayed at the top) or as a number (also displays a percentage in red or green indicating whether the data point has increased or decreased. compared to with the last 28 days).

The “Inbox” tab allows you to see posts and comments on your page. You can respond to comments as if you were in the browser version of Creator Studio; you can also like and reply to comments in the app.

Finally, we have the “Notifications” tab. These are not notifications about your account, but announcements and information coming directly from Creator Studio.

Now you can manage your Facebook page from your mobile device on the go!

This is the first installment in a three-part tutorial series covering Facebook’s Creator Studio app. Click here for the next installment!

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