Unfortunately, Mac Studio’s software lock prevents SSD upgrades

The dream of a scalable Mac Studio is dead – at least for now. If you follow Apple’s blogs, you’ve probably seen that over the weekend the company’s latest desktop computer showed that it has SSD storage that isn’t soldered to its board primary mother. This led some to believe that it would be possible for Mac Studio owners to upgrade the computer on their own. However, those hopes have now been dashed.

ran a test to see if he could upgrade the Mac Studio storage. To do this, he took one unit and erased its SSD so he could then transfer the drive to an open SSD slot on a second machine. The secondary Mac Studio recognized the drive, but no matter what Miani did, the computer wouldn’t boot with the component installed. Mac Studio’s only response was to use its status LED to send out an SOS call. All of this suggests that Apple has programmed the Mac Studio not to accept replacement SSDs.

This is not necessarily surprising. On its , Apple states that “Mac Studio storage is not user-accessible” and the company recommends that customers configure the computer with enough storage to meet their needs when they purchase it. suggests that the purpose of Mac Studio’s SSD slots is to allow certified technicians to replace non-working drives. Presumably, they will have access to tools that will allow them to bypass the company’s software lock. As the website also notes, it’s possible that at some point Apple will allow users to replace their Mac Studio’s SSD themselves by selling storage upgrade kits, much like it started to do it with the Mac Pro in . Until then, it’s a shame that a machine that costs so much doesn’t offer some form of upgradability.

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