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Chennai: Veteran Music Director Ilaiyaraaja filed a complaint with the Chennai Police Department, saying that many of his personal effects, musical instruments, composition notes, which were kept in his private studio suite, were recently vandalized. The damage was reportedly caused by the studio owner’s heir and his henchmen during the lockdown.

Ilaiyaraaja is a 77-year-old musician who has composed music for over 1,300 films and over 7,000 songs in multiple languages ​​in India since 1976.

Said sequel does not belong to Ilaiyaraaja, but the music director claims it was presented to him by its original owner and film personality, LV Prasad. “Said Mr. LVPrasad, in 1977, offered and gave to me the entire block of recording theater-1 mentioned above, as a token of respect for my works in the film industry and also in return for the performance. of works for his projects. The late Shri. LV Prasad, reserved a specific area and a room specifically and exclusively and allowed me to own, enjoy and use the property like mine without any obstacle with the lock and the key ”, Ilaiyaraaja said in his complaint.

Ilaiyaraaja claimed that he had used the facility for almost 25 years after the death of its original owner (LV Prasad) and this was done with the knowledge, recognition of the heir (Ramesh Prasad). However, it was after the original owner’s grandson (Sai ​​Prasad) took over the property that the alleged problems began.

The complaint alleged that in September 2019, Sai Prasad and his men illegally threatened to cut off water, electricity and other facilities, while forcibly entering with thugs and attempted to dispossess Ilaiyaraaja of the locals. .

“I declare that immediately after the respondents’ unlawful threatening acts as aforementioned, I filed the complaint in SO No. 7315 of 2019 in the Civil Court of Hon’ble City, Chennai, seeking a permanent injunction preventing said Sai Prasad and others, their men, etc., from interfering in any way with my peaceful possession and enjoyment of the trial premises. Said prosecution is still pending, “the complaint read.

The complaint further stated that during the Covid-19 lockdown, Ilaiayaraaja’s personal room containing valuable composition notes, several musical instruments and personal effects was broken.

“Using the blanket of this COVID pandemic, Sai Prasad and his minions started destroying / removing / altering my musical instruments / notes. All of my valuable composition notes are there and I have received credible information that they are being sold surreptitiously on the black market for a huge sum. It equates to a robbery in the light of day and a great robbery, ”Ilaiyaraaja said.

The complainant requested immediate action to ensure that his valuables were not damaged, destroyed and sold.

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