Roland’s Free Mobile Studio App Helps You Record New Ideas

Inspiration for a song can surface whether or not your full studio is available, and Roland has a solution for those impromptu sessions. The music pioneer has introduced a free Zentracker app for Android and iOS that serves as a multitrack recorder for impromptu performances. You can add an unlimited number of tracks (by default, four in the name of simplicity), draw over 200 audio loops, and use 16 audio effects while using familiar features like beat matching and looping.

You can save tracks to OneDrive, and Google Drive is “coming soon”. The app is free as long as you have a Roland account, although Roland pushes you towards a cloud subscription by limiting certain effects, loop bundles, stems exports, and other features to paid customers. You’ll probably want a mixer like the Go: Mixer Pro-X to get the most out of Zentracker.

There is an app for more formal productions. Roland launches a desktop TR-Editor application (below) which serves as a companion for machines like the TR-6S and TR-8S. You can browse sounds, program rhythms and change settings from the comfort of your computer screen. While we await launch details as of this writing, the software could come in handy if you find the interface on the TR series device too heavy.

Roland TR-Editor application on Mac

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