Pre-IPO investors take Mason Stevens stake and float on the charts

The group sells services to financial planners and advisors, including dedicated CIO/investment committee capabilities, real-time trade execution across asset classes and currencies, and equity investment research and in credit.

If it tries to float on the ASX as expected, investors should compare it to listed platform owners Hub24, Netwealth and Praemium. Mason Stevens’ board and management team have told incoming investors they want to hold a liquidity event for all shareholders over the next 18-24 months, including an IPO or sale private.

CVC informed its investors of the deal on Tuesday. He said there were five reasons he bought, including an ability to scale into large addressable markets, a competitive advantage over peers, a path to sustainable revenue streams, a professional management team with an incentive property and the promised liquidity event.

There are new faces on the register of Mason Stevens, a wealth management group led by Tim Yule. Louie Douvis

Mason Stevens is led by Tim Yule, who took over from longtime boss Vincent Hua earlier this year. Its other executives include Jacqueline Fernley (chief investment officer), former head of equity at Wilsons and JWBere, and Ron Erdos, who co-founded Mason Stevens and serves as its chief operating officer.

The company’s management and the remaining founders retained a significant stake.