Pinterest TV Studio App – All About Live Commerce Deals

Pinterest is once again expanding its video offerings, this time with the launch of a new, separate “Pinterest TV Studio” app, designed to help livestream creators enhance their broadcast setups with different camera capabilities, video editing tools, and more. editing, etc. . Pinterest quietly released a new app earlier last week on the Apple and Google Play stores, as first reported by TechCrunch, although it’s only available to a limited number of users at this time. The launch of the app has not been announced by the company, possibly because it is not yet available for all creators.

How can we access live streaming on Pinterest’s new app?

“On first launch, creators must enter a code or scan a barcode provided by Pinterest in order to access the live streaming tools provided by the app,” according to TechCrunch.

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You can access the live stream on the Pinterest TV studio app

It is therefore not officially released, but it does exist and is a working application for a select group of users. This signals the next phase of Pinterest’s video content push, as well as a possible shift to live shopping which has also become more popular in social media circles in recent years.

Users under the age of 27 are most likely to participate in live commercial activities

Over-the-air shopping is already big business in China, where revenue from the service is expected to hit $400 billion by 2022, nearly half of all e-commerce spending in the United States last year. Additionally, live trading is becoming increasingly popular with younger audiences, with users aged 27 and under experiencing the fastest adoption. TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have all developed their own approaches to live shopping as a result of this, and it looks like Pinterest, too, is eager to jump on the live shopping bandwagon as part of its content push. enlarged.

This app could be the next step in bringing Pinterest to greater success
This app could be the next step in bringing Pinterest to greater success

The app is essentially an add-on to Pinterest’s “Pinterest TV” service, which debuted in November last year. Initially airing a series of live, shoppable episodes featuring various pin creators, Pinterest appears to be looking to expand the initiative even further, most likely into a continuous live stream of various brands and content producers showcasing their content, which can be purchased while you watch. Pinterest will have to verify which streamers it allows into the initiative now that it’s live, so while there’s a separate app for that right now, it’s unclear how long Pinterest will take to ramp up. access to all users, if ever.

Would this application be a success for Pinterest?

Again, live marketing is already huge in China, with thousands tuning in to regular commerce-focused TikTok broadcasts from various US-based influencers. Seems like a safe bet, especially given Pinterest’s focus on handmade products and direct selling, and the platform’s recent statement that video is “a foundational medium for inspiration and planning. “, indicating that she will likely increase her focus on video in the future.

Pinterest TV studio app
Pinterest TV studio app

This can present significant opportunities for e-commerce businesses; we will keep you informed of any developments. The addition of a dedicated live-streaming app, on the other hand, is another example of Pinterest rethinking its position in the broader social media landscape, where the rise of TikTok has prompted other platforms to adopt a video-based approach. Today, the major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube all have TikTok-style short video functionality, and the majority of them also have live video functionality.

What kind of content will we see on the app?

Meanwhile, Pinterest has shifted its focus to video with the introduction of Idea Pins, a first ever video mashup of TikTok-style short video content and clickable stories. During last week’s earnings call, the company said Idea Pin save rates were up more than 25% quarter-over-quarter.


Pinterest users can follow many video creators who are more likely to visit the site than those who don’t, according to the company. Meanwhile, Pinterest launched Pinterest TV in November, a series of live, shoppable videos from creators covering food, home, fashion, beauty, DIY, and more. The shows are streamed live and then made available for on-demand viewing.

At first, the platform was only available to a select few. At the time of launch, the platform was only available to a select group of handpicked creators including Christian Siriano, Monica Suriyage, Tom Daley, Manny MUA, Robyn Schall and others. He had tested live streaming events in the Pinterest app with top creators earlier this year.

Where is the Pinterest TV Studio app available?

The all-new Pinterest TV Studio app has been available on the Google Play Store since May 2, 2022, according to data from Sensor Tower. It hasn’t received enough downloads to place the app on the App Store charts, and the company cannot estimate the total number of downloads at this time. Outside of the US, the app is available in Canada, Australia, the UK and Germany, indicating a potential global expansion of Pinterest TV’s efforts.

Pinterest Live Stream
Pinterest Live Stream

Pinterest released a statement confirming the app’s launch, but said it had no additional information at this time. “As more and more creators use Pinterest TV to create innovative programming, we’re constantly experimenting with new ways to help them bring their ideas to life.”