New Pinterest TV Studio app makes it easy for creators to live stream across the digital news platform/world

Pinterest recently launched a new app that is sure to make life easier for so many creators.

The platform’s new venture gives creators the ability to livestream directly to the platform in a fast and convenient way.

This new app is called Pinterest TV Studio and is designed for users of android and iOS, where a select group of creators can now go live on multiple devices. This provides great flexibility in terms of camera angles, as mentioned in the description of the new app.

It’s quite interesting how Pinterest hasn’t announced the debut of the new app and that’s likely related to the fact that it’s not available to the majority of creators, yet.

After its first launch, creators will need to enter a code or perhaps scan barcodes in order to access a plethora of live streaming tools that come with the app.

The move is being called by critics further proof of the strength with which the platform is striving to carve out a place for itself in today’s modern social media landscape. Remember that strong rivals like TikTok force other social media giants to focus more on videos than anything else.

So that’s one of the main reasons why you’ll see top apps like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among others, doing just that. And in case you didn’t know, they all come with great features in terms of live streaming as well.

On the other hand, you’ll find Pinterest trying to work its magic through a slew of video-related businesses. This includes Ideas Pins – a fun mix of videos and Pins through actionable stories.

Just last week, he heard the company mention that they were busy experiencing a massive 25% increase in pin savings in the last quarter. Plus, it lines up seamlessly for users who follow a number of video creators on Pinterest, versus those who don’t.

Last year in November we saw Pinterest launch their famous Pinterest TV which was an app that featured a number of live videos from creators experimenting with countless themes like food, lifestyle, fashion, DIY, home and beauty.

After being streamed live, they are then present for later viewing, depending on the user’s preference. But initially, we only saw a limited number of creators allowed to participate.

As of now, this new Pinterest TV Studio app has been live for a few days. It can be found on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. And although you won’t find too many downloads right now, experts predict growth in the near future.

Pinterest confirmed how the launch took place recently, but it also shed light on the fact that it doesn’t plan to reveal more detailed descriptions at this time. Just a brief overview was given regarding its efforts to give creators more opportunities to grow through innovative programming.

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