Matthews Studio Equipment introduces the Gobo Plate ™ line

Matthews Studio Equipment presented the new Gobo Plate â„¢ range.

The Gobo Plate Media Mount adapts the traditional VESA mount to a new type of plate that offers greater versatility, mobility, security and adaptability.

Main characteristics

  • Mounts to a 75mm and 100mm VESA hole pattern
  • T-slot with V-centering quickly secures mounting of the 2.5 “gripper head
  • Attached and removable locking pin secures rack in open and closed position
  • Five circular cutouts spaced ½ “in diameter and six ¼” in diameter allow bolting to cheese plate, wood, beams, fixed walls or rod.
  • Two slots at the end of the hinge accommodate the red hook-and-loop straps for cable management and organization
  • Low profile design folds flat to stay on the monitor for the next location.

The media bracket can not only be used to secure monitors to C-brackets using standard 2.5 inch gripper heads, but also screws, bolts and brackets to wooden beams, walls stationaries, pipes, cheese plates and more, using readily available gripping equipment.

gobo plate media mount 30027 pipe mount01 web scaled 1

The Gobo Plate Mount Bracket simply attaches to a monitor via the Matthews Black Powder Coated 75/100mm VESA Mount with an integrated hinge mount.

The reinforced hinge includes a removable locking pin, with a safety lanyard. The hinge interfaces with the Gobo Plate part which is designed to easily accommodate all types of mounting equipment, from brackets to beams to walls.

gobo plate holder support 30027 use02 03 scale 1

Weighing 16.9 ounces, the Gobo Plate is machined from a single sheet of 1/8 “thick steel, with a clear zinc coating on the exterior side and a black powder coating on the interior A T-slot with V-centering quickly secures the mounting of the gripper head.


The cheese plate section of the Gobo Plate has five cutouts spaced 1/2 “in diameter and 1/4” in diameter that can be used to bolt to heads, wood, beams, walls or to the stems.

Two hook-and-loop straps are used for cable management.

With a simple pull on the pin, the assembly folds flat for removal from the monitor, ready to store in a carrying case or stay on the monitor to stack in the truck for the next location.

Matthews Media Mount Gobo Plate is available through the company’s global network of resellers.

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