Matthews Studio Equipment Gobo Plate

Matthews Studio Equipment has announced its new Gobo plate. The Gobo Plate is a versatile mounting adapter that provides a quick, convenient, and inexpensive way to attach various gripping equipment, both on the board and in the field.

From camera equipment and mounts, heads and accessories to building materials like wood, plastic and metal, Gobo Plate solves a wide range of mounting needs. The gobo plate is designed to interface with any standard 2.5 inch gripper head. It offers 25 conveniently spaced holes for bolting to pins, ball joints and other camera accessories as well as circular cutouts.

The plate can be screwed or nailed to wood, apple boxes, suspended beams, fixed walls or more. Mounted on lifts and cart legs, it can add efficiency and versatility to any setup.

The gobo plate was invented when professional photographer Mike Bradley sometimes needed an aerial beam in his studio. He didn’t want to invest in a trellis, so he struggled to place a 2 × 4 on supports and used a multitude of gripping equipment to secure it. But he needed a crew for the installation and even then he never thought it was safe. He solved the dilemma by designing a metal plate that would be bolted or screwed to the 2 × 4 and connect directly to a C-Stand.

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The gobo plate is machined from a single sheet of steel approximately 1/8 “thick. It measures 3” / 76.2 mm by 7 “/ 177.8 mm and weighs 8.15 oz. / 0.23 kg. A center cutout allows passage of a 5/8 inch rod or baby pin while a variety of medium holes allow passage of a 3/8 inch bolt. Small holes accommodate standard nail and screw diameters. T-slots with V-centering at each end ensure quick mounting of the quick-set head. There are also safety carabiner lanyard holders available. ‘angle to protect a gripping head.

Pricing and availability

The gobo plate is retailed for $ 29. It is now available for purchase.

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