L-Acoustics launches L-ISA Studio software suite and upgrades L-ISA engine – rAVe [PUBS]

L-Acoustics takes a redesigned approach to the spatial audio content creation workflow with the new L-ISA Studio enhanced L-ISA engine and software suite. Immediately available for download, L-Acoustics claims it takes the power and versatility of concert-proven L-ISA technology and puts it in the hands of sound makers, allowing them to formulate multidimensional sound where and when they are. ready to create.

L-ISA Studio contains the same spatial audio and room engine algorithms as its hardware counterpart, the L-ISA processor, but is redesigned with key features for room improvement, a scale simulation mode fully augmented and binaural output capabilities. The upgraded engine, now deployed in software and hardware configurations, gives sound designers, content creators and mixing engineers the ability to hear content in any virtual space of any size and form.

Here’s a great video that explains that:

Thanks to L-ISA Studio’s binaural engine, users can now create and monitor their spatialized audio content anywhere with headphones and optional head tracking. Mixing engineers and creators can deploy the software suite in any multi-channel mixing or recording studio with up to 12 speakers for multi-channel monitoring. L-ISA Studio can also be paired with Contour XO, the professional in-ear monitor recently launched by L-Acoustics and JH Audio.

L-ISA Studio interfaces with major digital audio workstations, exposure control software and game engines. It also offers compatibility with various 3D audio format outputs, including Dolby Atmos and multi-channel configurations.


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