Invate AV | Audinate launches Dante Studio software

Audinate has released its Dante studio software, designed to increase video production capabilities and streamline workflows with built-in Audinate applications.

Dante Studio includes Dante Video RX, which allows Windows PCs to receive video from any Dante AV compatible source.

Dante Video RX supports 1080p resolution, 60 fps and system synchronization and timing, as well as separate routing of video and audio. 4K video will also be supported in the future.

Dante Studio also includes applications that bring Dante video functionality to PCs, allowing computers to receive a video signal from Dante AV transmitters or Dante AV cameras on the network.

Users can download the Dante Studio installer to activate the trial license of Dante Video RX, configuring the system using standard Dante Controller software. Dante Video RX runs in the background and can be used in conferencing and educational applications.

Video streams from legacy cameras can also be fed through a Dante AV encoder and patched to Dante Video RX for conferencing, streaming and recording applications.

Dante Video RX can also be used with OBS software or with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, vMix or Panopto.