Creation Studio application ‘WWE 2K16’ for mobile

The free WWE 2K16 Creation Studio

Originally slated to arrive with the title on October 27, a companion app for “WWE 2K16” that allows players to scan their face and create a superstar based on their appearance has been launched for mobile devices.

According to an announcement on the publisher’s 2K Game website, the “WWE 2K16” Creation Studio app is now available for free download on iOS and Android devices. With the app, players can take photos of themselves or whoever they want and export the images to the community’s Creations menu in the game.

The image capture option itself is nearly complete, with gamers having the flexibility to change their appearance in terms of brightness, contrast, color, and size. Besides, the app can also automatically crop and resize images and remove background and other unwanted details from the image.

In addition to the images that players can use to export their own faces into the game, the new companion app also has a “Logo Capture” feature, which players can use to add personalized electronic billboards, decals, exhibit logos and championship designs to their “WWE 2K16” Experience.

While the companion app already has instructions in the app itself, players who struggle with scanning and creating images can also read the step-by-step instructions from 2K Games included in the announcement.

Creation Studio’s new companion app is timely as it arrived just ahead of the rollout of the upcoming expansion content for “WWE 2K16”. Players of the current wrestling title will receive the Legends Pack DLC just before Christmas.

Released on December 22 for current generation Xbox One and PS4 consoles and legacy Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, the new DLC Legends Pack will add Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Trish Stratus, Lita, Mr. Perfect and Big Boss Man to the growing list of unlocked and playable WWE Superstars.

The new Legends Pack DLC will be part of the Season Pass and can also be purchased as a standalone expansion for $ 8.99.

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