BEAT060, the creator of non-verbal bits, with FL Studio software and a small explanation of its activities to date

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BEAT060 (born June 20, 1994 in Tehran) is a Beat maker, instrumental music maker Iran.

In 2022, BEAT060 decided to release the best non-verbal professional music in the global market”


TELFORD, TELFORD, UNITED KINGDOM, April 1, 2022 / — A summary of BEAT060, the creator of non-verbal bits, with FL Studio software and a brief explanation of its activities to date

Words needed to introduce myself (BEAT060)

Host software introduction time (FL Studio)

The first days I learned about FL Studio software, I think it was version five or six. I was very beginner and didn’t have much knowledge with the software. Over time, I was able to work well with the software. I must have learned well, because when I got to know FL Studio, it was very difficult for me to find FL Studio software training, and over the years, I was able to get a little familiar with the software. , and little by little prepare VST. I started FL Studio, I have the best VSTs and samples so far.

Since 2012 he began to compose non-verbal music in the style of hip hop. Countless non-verbal music in

Trap Old School and Dubstep produced silly street music and sad emotional music and released it for free and it was very well received. Produce the best non-verbal hip-hop music and from 2022 decided to release professional non-verbal music to the global market and make it available to the public so that those in need of hot beats can use the rhythms created by BEAT060 To do.

With a little research, you can listen to and enjoy all my creations on Google and all global platforms.


Sajjad Nasiri with the artistic name BEAT060 (born June 10, 1994 in Tehran) is a composer from Beit, an Iranian instrumental music composer.

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