AR-Studio Application Planning Tool by Jung

VDF Products Fair: Jung’s AR-Studio app uses augmented reality to help users visualize his line of products and equipment in an indoor space.

Developed for use on tablets and smartphones, the app is intended as a planning tool for architects, planners and homeowners.

Users can superimpose models of over 2,000 branded switches, lights and outlets on a wall by placing a sticker, named Jung Experience Marker, in the desired location of the fixture.

Displaying this marker through the app then produces a virtual version of the fixture in its place and allows users to view it with different material finishes and from different angles in real time.

The AR-Studio app is available in German and English and can be downloaded for free through the mobile app stores.

“The new Jung AR-Studio app is a creative planning tool that enables builders, planners, architects and managers to better visualize their ideas and to realize and configure them in augmented reality scenarios,” said the German supplier of building technology.

“Surfaces, materials and colors can be seen as real photos anytime, anywhere and Jung products and solutions can be represented and virtually positioned in space.”

Product: AR-Studio application
Mark: Jung
Contact address: [email protected]

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