All / Out Studio App Review – Home Workouts with a Wide Variety

First of all: I’m a gym rat. Before the pandemic, I was there at least five days a week. I loved taking a class at the gym. I would take at least one indoor cycling class and one cardio dance class per week, then sprinkle some HIIT or weight-based cardio kickboxing classes on the rest of the days. I liked to mix it up.

So, in my early forties, when it became clear that gyms weren’t going to be reopening anytime soon, I turned to YouTube. I’ve had never done this before. I also had limited equipment: a 2-pound, 5-pound, and 12-pound dumbbell set; a 15-pound dumbbell; and a yoga mat. I also had limited space because I live in a one bedroom apartment.

But I realized that I needed instruction and direction. While I found a few instructors that I liked on YouTube, I also found it to be a bit super overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

Enter: the All Out Studio app. I downloaded it to my phone and my Apple TV, and I signed in on my computer as well. I was super excited the first time I logged in to see that the workouts were organized by intensity. I know that for me, I go into a workout based on how much energy I need to give on a particular day. Some days it’s a lot, and others it’s … minimal.

From there the workouts were also categorized by different brands like Men’s health, Women’s health, Runner’s world, and more. It came in handy in the days when I knew I wanted to train with an instructor associated with a specific brand.

Day 1 started off strong.

I was feeling a bit of bodybuilding so I tried Betina Gozo’s STRONG Upper Body Reps video. I used my weights for this one, and it was about 17 minutes. I loved her attitude and she gave very clear instructions. It was more groundwork than I expected which was great. When I was done I felt more toned, but not tired. I would consider this a lighter workout which was a great way to start the week.

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After that I lay down with some yoga.

On the second day, I wanted to immerse myself in yoga. Usually I’ll do a flow probably once or twice a month, so I have room to improve in terms of flexibility and loosening tight muscles. I chose a The runner’s world video titled Yoga For Runners: Yoga for Beginners with runner and instructor Rebecca Pacheco. It was awesome and painful a lot (But in the right way!). I walked and / or run a lot more in my 40s, and the whole body stretching made me feel really good (and relaxed) afterwards.

On the third day, I worked out in high energy HIIT.

I chose the All Out HIIT: Dumbbell Total Body workout with instructor Gerren Liles. I did this after a run outside to do some extra strength work, and I loved it. All the videos for this particular program are only 15 minutes long, but you are working hard during these 15 minutes. I was completely exhausted by the end and Liles’ energy was a huge motivation.

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Emilie Shiffer

In the middle of my training week, I did a quick routine during my break.

On the fourth day, I took a break from work at noon and decided to do a quick 10 minute back workout from Prevention’s Fit in 10 program called Fit in 10: Back to Strong with instructor Larysa DiDio . As I work from home and on my laptop, I know my back is lacking in strength. This routine only required light weights (I used 5 and 2 pound dumbbells), but it’s amazing how hard it still was. And I loved that it was only 10 minutes. In the end my arms and upper back were the most tired, but I wasn’t sweaty enough to need a shower. It was a great way to break up my day, and I felt energized rather than exhausted.

The next day I decided to try an upper body workout.

I had to move my workout from my living room to my bedroom (the joys of aone bedroom apartment with two people working from home!), which meant I had less space. So I chose to do a Cosmo upper body workout called Power Up: Upper Body with instructor Astrid Swan. It was an 18 minute burner. I started out with 5 pound dumbbells but quickly got down to my 2 pound set because it was so difficult. The workout was great for toning up and high reps. We did a lot of little pulses and takes, which was a killer. I was really challenged by this video and felt it the most on my shoulders when I was done.

On day 6, I regained energy with yoga.

Towards the end of the week I hit a small wall and I not want to train at the end of my working day. So I decided to go lighter and chose another yoga video. This time, I opted for Yoga Reset: Yoga for Good Posture with Tara Stiles. After a long day of non-stop work, I felt good to focus on my body and my breathing. The purpose of this yoga workout was to open up your body, which is what I need after leaning on a laptop all day. Knowing that it would help my posture was a good motivator. When I finished I felt a lot less stressed than when I started.

I ended the week with a little more HIIT.

On day seven, I did my early morning workout and returned to All Out HIIT with the All Out HIIT: Bodyweight Lower Body video. The day before, I wasn’t able to walk or run, so I wanted to target my lower body. But I didn’t feel like using weights either. It turns out they were definitely not necessary for me to feel the burn. Surprisingly, this was the hardest training I have done. I sweat the most and feel the most “exhausted” after this one, especially after the last minute of burpees.

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Overall, I loved the variety available on the app.

There is a workout available for every mood, every time allocation, and every ability. Virtually every workout can be done in a small space and with minimal equipment. I was really happy with every routine I did and felt each one was worth my time.

After doing seven days of training, my body felt great. The toning and HIIT workouts I did left me sore and stronger, while the yoga workouts helped me stretch my muscles and feel revitalized and centered.

I chose my workouts based on my mood and the time I had available, and each time I was able to find something that was exactly what I needed at the time. I think the best part is that I feel motivated to keep going knowing that there are so many other workouts to try.

Now that I’ve tried the All Out Studio app, I’m super excited to tell my friends about it. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who has never done a home workout before or to those like me who are struggling to find new challenges and content when it comes to their home exercise routines.

Try the All / Out Studio app for yourself today.

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